WEEK 2      31.07 - 04.08


31.07 - 04.08


Coming in like a whirlwind: Last year he captivated and enchanted the entire team and all movers who joined his class at DO Festival 2022. The studio was filled with thrill, excitement and a huge amount of joy. We are very delighted to re/present to you: João Cardoso!!!
This year we want to offer you more time with João: more time to grow, more time to be challenged, more time to dance with abundant joy! Each day during week 2 of DO Festival 2023 you will get the chance to join João’s 3 hour long class.
Since his time at DO Festival 2022 João continued his work and artistic journey with an immense intensity: he created & choreographed works (among others in Portugal), he continued his teachings across Europe and was busy performing pieces in Belgium, France and many more.


Next to being part of the DO Festival founders team, they have been creating works together since three years: stage performances, site specifics, video dance creations, cultural interventions and a variety of workshop formats. Their works were shown and conducted between Portugal, Poland, Germany & Greece.
One of their workshop formats is the “Nonsense Body” Workshop. Paulina & Leon are excited to share it during DO Festival 2023! It is an improvisation based movement concept that triggers people to dig deep, to enjoy absurdity and to experience freedom in cognition and movement. Through tailor-made tasks we will facilitate & challenge the participants’ instant precision and sharpness as well as the realisation of personal & habitual movement patterns. Break it!


Born in France, studied dance in Switzerland, New York and Portugal all the while meeting circus and acrobatics along the way, becoming fascinated by its technical aspects. Diane is a true movement researcher: exploring, discovering, digging, developing, never stopping.
During DO Festival 2023 Diane will share her tools for exploration in acrodance with you: a balance between floorwork and acrobatics, a rich array of technical and researching input empowering you to untap your acrobatic potential.

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DO Festival is a contemporary dance festival.
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